AppAble 3.0
The Intel® Atom™ Developer Program SDK
solution for alternative development environments

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AppAble Libraries
AppAble Binary Wrapper
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Apple's App Store introduced a very successful distribution model for mobile applications, creating a single storefront where developers could showcase their applications to millions of users. Since then, the app store model has become the preferred software distribution method for mobile and desktop platforms.

The AppUp Center is a new ecosystem for delivering consumer-centric applications to Windows based systems. With applications developed with content consumption in mind and delivered in a user-friendly app store.

For small and medium sized developers this is a great opportunity. If they have a Windows application already developed, the risk associated with the few steps necessary to convert it for the AppUp Center is offset by the millions of potential customers reached, and the healthy 70% revenue share offered by Intel.

The SDK was designed only for C and C++ programmers who use some specific versions of Microsoft's Visual Studio, leaving out some other popular development environments. This is why the AppAble solution was created.

The AppAble solution is available for the following development environments (click to download the free trial version):
If you use any other development environment or you prefer not to touch your original code, you can use the Binary Wrapper application for Windows.

"This product is great. Cut my porting time in half to not have to change development environments to VC++ 2008." Jonathan Supnik, Funkitron