Solitaire cards featuring its geometric style.
    Solitaire Dante style cards featuring a Freecell game
    Solitaire cartoon style cards featuring a Canfield game
    Solitaire pharao style cards featuring a Spider game
    Solitaire classic style cards featuring a Klondike game
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Soitaire 4.0

Immerse yourself in the world of baKno Solitaire, a collection of the most beloved solitaire games designed in the signature baKno style. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of the handcrafted card sets, showcased in a mesmerizing 3D view that allows for board rotation and zoom, bringing the game to life before your eyes.

baKno Solitaire boasts a diverse selection of timeless favorites, including Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Cruel, Canfield, and Tripeaks. Each game offers its unique challenge and rewards, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay. As you delve into the solitaire world, savor the original and soothing music that accompanies your every move, enhancing your overall experience.

Solitaire is not only a fantastic way to pass the time but also an opportunity to exercise your mind and sharpen your strategic thinking. Step into the realm of baKno Solitaire and discover the joy of organizing cards, planning your moves, and achieving victory. Whether you're a seasoned solitaire enthusiast or new to the game, baKno Solitaire offers a captivating experience that is both relaxing and stimulating. Give it a try and let the cards unfold their secrets before you.

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    Download Solitaire for free from our website and enjoy endless gaming fun. Unlock unlimited gameplay by purchasing the full version either within the game itself or on this webpage below. Solitaire is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


    Get Solitaire on your mobile device by downloading it for free from various application stores. Simply choose your preferred store, install Solitaire, and start enjoying the fun. If you're hooked, you can unlock unlimited gaming by purchasing within the game.


    Solitaire for desktop can be found on application stores as well, offering different download options. Some stores provide a free download, while others may require an upfront purchase. Explore your preferred store to access Solitaire and start playing today.

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When you try Solitaire, you are able to test all functionalities and start countless new sessions, but you are prevented from finishing a session. To be able to finish a Solitaire session you have 3 options. License is the regular way to own a game permanently. Tokens are pay-per-play mode in which each match has a 10-cent value. And a Subscription unlocks all baKno games during one month.

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