Rasty Pelican flying high to collect floating coins
    Rasty Pelican caught in a mine explosion, he is fine.
    Rasty Pelican diving to feed from fishes
    Rasty Pelican diving dangerously close to a shark
    Rasty Pelican flying low on a sunset
    Rasty Pelican game logo

Rasty Pelican 2.0

Take control of Rasty the Pelican as you soar and swim through the breathtaking Caribbean sea in this captivating adventure. Navigate carefully, avoiding various obstacles and natural dangers while ensuring Rasty's energy and oxygen levels remain optimal. Replenish Rasty's energy by consuming food and gather as many coins as you can along the way. Customize your gameplay experience by selecting your desired playing level, catering to your skill and preference. Aim for the highest score and see how you rank among the top players on baKno's leaderboard. Embark on an unforgettable journey with Rasty, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean while facing exciting challenges and collecting valuable rewards.

Download and Play


    Download Rasty Pelican for free from our website and enjoy endless gaming fun. Unlock unlimited gameplay by purchasing the full version either within the game itself or on this webpage below. Rasty Pelican is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


    Get Rasty Pelican on your mobile device by downloading it for free from various application stores. Simply choose your preferred store, install Rasty Pelican, and start enjoying the fun. If you're hooked, you can unlock unlimited gaming by purchasing within the game.


    Rasty Pelican for desktop can be found on application stores as well, offering different download options. Some stores provide a free download, while others may require an upfront purchase. Explore your preferred store to access Rasty Pelican and start playing today.

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When you try Rasty Pelican, you are able to test all functionalities and start countless new sessions, but you are prevented from finishing a session. To be able to finish a Rasty Pelican session you have 3 options. License is the regular way to own a game permanently. Tokens are pay-per-play mode in which each match has a 10-cent value. And a Subscription unlocks all baKno games during one month.

Compare your Scores

Rasty Pelican's top score medal
    Player Score
1.   game319
2.   Krupa I266
3.   Anna241
4.   IdoR224
5.   YT NotAGameAddi201
6.   nick194
7.   CTC189
8.   Batprince174
9.   Sue174
10.   Jose M172
11.   Lucho160
12.   Cristiano150
13.   Andres147
14.   Your Name nick147
15.   Jett145
16.   nickolaswallece139
17.   cristal137
18.   Adriancito136
19.   nick plays126
20.   charel118
21.   caroline113
22.   Caroline112
23.   nw107
24.   Eddy99
25.   nickolas99
26.   Justine97
27.   nanna96
28.   boys86
29.   Gavin85
30.   Cole85
31.   oz81
32.   damien gage col75
33.   Myun72
34.   yulia70
35.   Bruno65
36.   Nick 2.064
37.   SAFAE64
38.   Abby64
39.   Gage Damien Col63
40.   $1,000,00062
41.   D G C59
42.   Kem57
43.   Armas56
44.   awsome51
45.   Tyler50
46.   Bizarro49
47.   Grumpy49
48.   TITI41
49.   Claas40
50.   safae39
51.   try38
52.   Riley fowler38
53.   H2o35
54.   Valerio35
55.   nastya35
56.   CHERYL33
57.   Nick33
58.   You 32
59.   Ryan32
60.   RACS32
61.   wyatt31
62.   Sarah30
63.   amanda30
64.   Keith30
65.   Ben30
66.   Jack30
67.   Your Namehsj29
68.   Quimet27
69.   Shirley27
70.   Sasha25
71.   Mark24
72.   Amy24
73.   Spencer23
74.   gerni23
75.   Bob22
76.   mar22
77.   evaYour Name19
78.   selma19
79.   Yume19
80.   Petter Johansen18
81.   Your Namesjxjis18
82.   maxx18
83.   Lindsumean317
84.   inkyung17
85.   ÐšÑ€ÑƒÐ¿Ð° Ил17
86.   John16
87.   JoeyD15
88.   Tomek14
89.   Jose14
90.   13
91.   batata11
92.   ALEX10
93.   maote10
94.   KAtiE9
95.   Karly8
96.   bitch8
97.   cristiano65
98.   eva5
99.   PeTe4
100.   Messi3

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