MacPool 8.6.2 Released

31/12/07 00:26

What’s New in this Version

MacPool 8.6.1 Released

20/12/07 18:12

What’s New in this Version

MacPinball 2.5 Released

19/12/07 22:50

MacPool 8.6 Released

13/12/07 17:40

Carambola 8.5.1 Released

12/12/07 17:38

What’s New in this Version

MacPinball 2.0 Released

06/12/07 12:15

What’s New in this Version

MacPinball 1.5 Released

30/11/07 10:50

NEW GAME - MacPinball

21/11/07 15:11

After countless hours of design and development, baKno is proud to launch our newest game: MacPinball.

Yes, a Pinball simulation, and also our first 3D game with lots of cool features. This first version only comes with a single table design, but we are already working on more to add to the same game.

Product Review about Carambola in SVM Mac

03/11/07 09:42

SVM Mac is the most popular Mac magazine in France. They decided to include our Carambola game within their cover CD-Rom, complemented with this great product review.

Slide & Stack 8.5

30/10/07 17:36

Domino 8.5 Released

30/10/07 15:11

Color Sudoku 8.5 Released

30/10/07 00:15

Carambola 8.5 Released

29/10/07 18:36

What’s New in this Version

MacPool 8.5.1 Released

29/10/07 10:47

What’s New in this Version

MacPool 8.5 Released

24/10/07 14:28

What’s New in this Version

Carambola 7.0 Released

23/10/07 12:05

What’s New in this Version

E for All in Los Angeles

20/10/07 00:20

We attended the new E for All event in Los Angeles Convention Center. This event showcases the latest in video games from the mayor developers.

MacPool 8.3 Released

17/10/07 23:15

Website Upgrade

09/10/07 14:06

In order to get closer to our community of players and visitors, baKno introduces three new sections to our website.

Blog: This section captures our weekly happenings and provides information on new games releases and roadmaps.

Forum: We expect this to be a useful communication tool for our players, a place created by the baKno community for the baKno community.

Newsletter: A monthly subscription based email to anyone interested in our games. The newsletter is published on the website also.

MacPool 8.2 Released

08/10/07 12:40

What’s New in this Version

Domino 7.0 Released

03/10/07 22:37

What’s New in this Version

baKno starts real business operations

01/10/07 13:53