Slide & Stack Hints

Start by getting familiarized with the directional arrow buttons on your keyboard, and how each button plays on the game related to the position of the "sliding bar".

If you are curious enough, you may be able to build your first colored square (4 blocks of the same color). This is the first and easiest part of the game.

Now you will try to build a second colored square, located on the opposite corner of the first square (not side by side), by following these seven-step instructions:

1- Position the first square on the center of the game by stacking the sliding bar on its sides.

2- Now select one of the blocks on the corners as the first block of your second colored square.

3- Its color will have to be different than that of the first square, and equal to any of your sliding bar's external blocks.

4- Position, flip and stack the sliding bar accordingly so the external block moves beside the corner block.

5- The first square will move to one side, and you will have the second block of your second square in place.

6- If you selected the correct corner, the sliding bar will have the other two blocks that you need. If they are not there, got back to step number one and select another corner on step number two.

7- Position, flip and stack the sliding bar accordingly so these two blocks complete the second colored square.

Now for the hints...

With your first and second colored squares on opposite corners, try to follow a "bowtie" pattern movement with the sliding bar.

If you selected the correct side and movement direction, you may get lucky and solve the game in just 10 movements.

If not, keep on with the bowtie pattern and in 20 movements, you will get back to the original order to try another side and direction.

Don't give up. Slide and Stack!