Testimonials 101st to 150th

“You guys have done such a great job improving Billiards over the last year that I find that I would like to get two more licenses.”
Ray Bentsen, USA

“I get so much enjoyment from your games, I hope that very soon in the future I can afford to buy a license or subscribe. Keep up the good work!”
Janet MacKay, Australia

“Thanks so much for such a quick response. Awesome customer service. I am very impressed with the speed and responsiveness from your company. Makes me feel like it was money well spent!”
Rachel White, USA

“This Billiards game fits much more easily in my living room than a real table would.”
Steve Hersee, USA

“MacJong is excellent. I've played a lot of different versions of Mahjong and this is the most beautiful yet. Love the music too.”
Susan Skinner, USA

“Billiards is awesome. Can't ask for a better line-up of cue-ball games, including 3-ball and snooker. All of them are tremendously realistic; great physics. May be more enjoyable than the real thing.”
Roberto Baron, USA

“I think MacPool is fantastic, the graphics are amazing.”
Jenny Garland, USA

“Thank you very much for the prompt response and solution! This is why I like independent developers. Have a great day! And thank you for producing such excellent games.”
Matt T, USA

“Amigos de baKno, estoy disfrutando mucho del bellísimo MacJong. Estoy feliz de haberlo adquirido. Me sorprenden los maravillosos dibujos y la música me hace sentir en la China medieval. Saludos y felicitaciones por el trabajo.”
Gloria Loyola, Chile

“Thanks for your help. Great travel games on your web site.”
Terry Feirer, USA

“Wow, fast service! :-) Thank you very much. MacJong is a beautiful game with stunning graphics and exotic music. The prettiest Mahjong game on the internet. I'm sure I'll enjoy it very much.”
Kristine G, Canada

“The newest MacJong version works great. You are so very helpful, as usual. It is nice to have a responsive and responsible company to deal with. I'm sure there will be more games purchased in the future.”
Marianne Hauck, USA

"I was very impressed with how much effort you put in to resolving the problem and the speed of the help I received from you, I wish more companies were like that "
Chris Pullan, UK

“Just want to thank you personally for getting me back to the table so soon. I love this program and it plays fast and furious on my new Macbook Pro!”
Jerry Jividen, USA

“I have been fascinated with the smooth operation and simplicity of your MacPool game. It is the only Game I have ever played on the computer. I was at one time a very good pool player. Your game has a real feel if you can just slightly suspend belief. If anything it is a little too perfect.”
Jerry Tierney, USA

“I've been enjoying Keno Pool very much, it's a nice break in the middle of a very busy day.”
S.R. Vernon, USA

“You guys are simply the best. Maybe you'd like to know that in my company's staff courses I use baKno as an example of professionalism and optimal support.”
Roger Abrantes, Denmark

“I find Gems meditative and mesmerizing. The music creates a full great game experience.”
Jill Fineberg, USA

“Gems is a mesmerizing cascade of sparkling beauty. Impossible to stop.”
Jane Woodgate, UK

“I purchased both MacJong and Gems, and I have to say they are very beautiful.”
Robert Rosenbrook, USA

“Very nice software/game presentation.”
Richard Lawson, UK

“The presentation of Billiards assembled by baKno Games is a superb set, containing 9 Ball, 8 Ball, 3 Balls, Straight, and Snooker. Each game is extremely realistic, and just as difficult as the one in the smoke-filled tavern on the corner. When I tried to play "Minnesota Fats" as a youth, I was terrible. With Billiards I'm finally learning what I was doing wrong all those years. For those who like pool this set is dandy for learning how to do it right. The 3D visuals offer a variety of table colors, the instructions are clear, and the sound effects are perfect. It keeps good scores, and doesn't allow cheating. The price is very reasonable, and I don't see how there could be any better simulation anywhere.”
Neil Barclay, USA

“I'm loving MacJong. The design styles are particularly beautiful. Thanks for a nice looking game.”
Gail Skeen, USA

“I love baKno games. They are very creative and addictive.”
Preston Lawing, USA

“I am a 50 year old who was diagnosed with Parkinksons disease a few years ago. Playing computer games such as Gems seems to help with my fine motor skills. I appreciate the people who design these games to be easy (physically) but have some challenging aspects also.”
Jen Holliday, USA

“Thank you so much for all the help! I did it I did it I did it! You have taught me how to "paste", I am now a pool playing fool. Thank you so much again for all of your time . Tell your boss that I said you deserve a raise.”
Douglas Johnson, USA

“WOW! That was quick. I've never got such a fast and helpful response from any other company online or offline. Thanks for your help, it worked first try. Much appreciated.”
Sean Stewart, Canada

“I want to say, Color Sudoku is great game. Amazing how the colors make Sudoku so much easier and more interesting, at least for me. I don't know who came up with this idea, but whoever it was... was brilliant!”
Pat Kennedy, USA

“We are thoroughly satisfied with the fine game of MacJong. We prefer gentle, quieter games for relaxation and MacJong is just right. We are going to have to try some of your other games in the near future.”
Roy Fowlkes, USA

“Thank you very much. You are the best on line help I have ever seen. You can be proud.”
Allen Berry, USA

“I find very cool to see other guys with the passion to create their own skin designs in honor of this great game that MacPool is.”
Richard Banz, USA

“Domino is a wonderfully designed game. It looks better than some boxed big name companies. You should be very proud of its look and feel.”
Tom Canaday, USA

"I was quite surprised when I sent a message on Christmas Day and got a response the very next day. You must be the most responsible guys around."
John Grover, USA

“Our family are MacPool crazy! We played all day Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks again.”
Robert Holman, USA

“I keep an exhaustive list of everything existing for the mahjong on the macintosh at http://www.dipching.com/shangai.html and your game MacJong is so wonderfully made, graphics are simply the best I’ve ever seen for this kind of game”
Jo Vandeweghe, Belgium

“Just enjoyed playing Gems hugely. The graphics are simply amazing, far better than any other graphics that I have come across, and the music is relaxing and very easy to listen to, without getting that monotonous feeling as you go through the games.”
Ann Marie Howarth, USA

“I truly appreciate your swift response to the situation. It is pleasant doing business with your company. In these times of fraud so rampant it is nice to find honest and sincere people as yourself and company. Thanks once again for your assistance. PS: Love the game”
Charles Hansen, USA

“Votre jeu de simulation de billard est bien conçu au niveau de la simulation de trajectoire des boules.”
Philippe Papeil-Lalande, France

"Your R&D is very impressive. I have not played real Snooker for years. But this simulation is so accurate, it has me saying to myself, 'How did I miss that shot.' Just like real life Snooker."
Peter Gravette, Australia

“I am truly grateful to baKno for the game Xplorer. As a disabled pensioner who spends many hours awake caused by pain, I have found that playing your games not only helps me forget the pain, but I also get so much enjoyment.”
Martin Loughran, Australia

“I think Billiards is awesome. Well done, you have outdone yourselves!”
Leslie McGregor, Australia

“I have purchased many games since all the big titles, but I always come back to MacPool sort of like that comfortable chair you dont want to get rid of. It has a realistic feel, and since it is so hard to get out and play, this is the closest thing. I also have to say that your tech support is A1, there are not many people out there like that anymore, and I really enjoy dealing with a quality group like you guys.”
Francisco Toro, USA

“I enjoy MacPool tremendously. I'm a pretty decent pool player, and MacPool's realism has helped me to up my game on a real pool table”
Roger Abrantes, Denmark

“Thank you very much for your help I am so enjoying Xplorer. My husband has one similar to this on his pc so I had to get this for mine.”
Deidre Hughes, USA

“Billiards is a wonderful game. The physics are very realistic and fun to watch. Good job!”
Wendy Dunham, USA

"I teach 10 - 15 year olds who struggle with numeracy and literacy and I find that getting them to hunt for things on Xplorer seems to speed up their mental processes and willingness to extend their learning... and they find it fun too!"
Sam Pritchard, United Kingdom

“Thanks for your support. This game is a class above MacPool.”
John Summers, Australia

"Carambola is the perfect French billiard game I've been looking for. The game is very well designed, with play and simulation being very realistic. Technical support of baKno staff is also superb; very prompt, responsive and friendly. Keep up the great work!"
Mahmoud Khattab, United Arab Emirates

"Still enjoy the Domino game. Great veg. out when I first get home from work."
Anne W. Australia

"Exquisita rapidez y seriedad en el trato comercial. Por otro lado, los juegos que he adquirido, en concreto los de la opción MacPool me han impresionado por su calidad de diseño, y por su estabilidad."
Juan Alberto Martín, Spain

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