Testimonials 51st to 100th

"Thanks so very much for the prompt response. I absolutely love the game, and I think it's by far the best pool sim ever created."
Kevin Olson, USA

"I have many games installed on my Mac, but when I have a spare moment I always seem to open MacPool first. The gameplay is incredibly realistic and it's genuinely beautiful to look at. Killer game!"
Bradley Cooper, South Africa

"Having used MacPool for a few years now, it just gets better and better and is still the best pool game around. Thanks baKno, your work is appreciated and well received. Keep it up."
Tim Gainey, United Kingdom

"If you enjoy playing Texas Hold'em Poker, I strongly recommend Kasino. With easy-to-use controls that supply all of the fun of a real-life poker game, and with customization options that let you make the game look the way you want it to, you'll find yourself using this game daily. All in all, I would give Kasino two thumbs up."
Nick Grau, USA

"For someone who has only played a bit of Kelly Pool in her misspent youth, MacPool is perfect for training with the way it shows you the angle and the strength of shot required."
Helen McCoppin, Australia

"It appears that in its design, Carambola has had the input of a professional billiard player. The game is amazingly realistic, like actual playing conditions. Nice work."
Lynn Brown, USA

"I am a fan of playing Carambole and so it is great to play it also at the computer."
Stefan Scheicher, Australia

"Just months ago I purchased my first computer and a game called MacPool. WOW, I never expected all this to come with it."
Mitchell Ducross, USA

"Thank you, it works perfect man. Thanks for the fast response. I love playing MacPool."
Pete Young, USA

"Thank you so much for the great game MacPool. I used to play 9 ball a lot in my younger days in tournaments, and the ability to have matches with all types of folks around the world is fascinating to say the least. The consistency of the game as it relates to english and cushion rebound is awesome. Thanks for the technology, I sure do get a lot for my money!"
Frank Iafolla, USA

"Thanks for responding so quickly. I like the game and the way you do business."
Jack Swindell, USA

"I was amazed at being sent the e-mail with code to unlock the pinball game so fast. Love the different game boards to chose from. My favorite is plastic. I thank you for making such a great game."
Gayla Byrum, USA

"I must say that MacPinball is the more original and pleasant game I ever try on a computer.
Tenez bon la barre as we use to say in france for You're on the good way."
Jacques Philippe, France

"I very much like the look and feel of the version 3 Update for MacPinball! Especially the brand new crystal table. Thanks a lot for your great work."
Serge Kocher, Switzerland

"Thank you so much! Once again you have out done yourself. What a wonderful game and so much more. I am addicted to MacPool. Love the new skin option and the new skins."
Edward Melendez, USA

"We just purchased the Pinball game, my hubby loves the music and sound effects, and we both like the graphics, WOW! I'm sure hubby will have hours of fun on it and I will too, when I have time."
Jeanne Schneider, USA

"I will try to remember to sleep and eat here and then meanwhile I am playing ;-)"
Otto Romanowski, Finland

"Thank you for continually improving the game Snooker."
Paul Belfiglio, USA

"MacPool is fantastic and as real as you can get. You need the same "eye" and knowledge of how to position the cue ball as in the game on the table, making it as challenging as the real thing... I love it."
Dan A, USA

"Thank you for such a marvelous game. It´s the best thing I discovered since the beginning of internet. My 5 year old daughter loves it too. I have been playing with people all over the world. Sometimes I can´t go to bed before playing at least one game."
Andreas Kemper, Chile

"It is refreshing to see that not all start-up companies are just in it for the money. I will be checking out your other new products, as it is a pleasure dealing with an honest company. Keep up the good work."
Robert Klinger, USA

"Ich finde das MacPool ein tolles Spiel. Ich liebe es. Manchmal muss ich achtgeben dass ich nicht zu viel Zeit damit verbringe. Aber es ist sehr entspannend damit zu spielen."
Evelyne Gabaglio, Switzerland

"I cannot express how important this game is to me and my friends and family. You would laugh if you saw us all huddled around the Mac, screaming, cussing and having a good time playing MacPool."
Robert Holman, USA

"I am buying MacPool for my mom and brother, they are absolutely going to love it! I'm not much of a game person myself, but I confess, I'm buying the double seat license so I can play too. I especially love the sounds and special effects. MacPool is truly a quality product! I will recommend baKno to any of my friends who game."
Leslie Charles, USA

"I enjoy your application and am very pleased that you have added Snooker."
Jeff Moskovitz, USA

"Many thanks for the swift action. We are enjoying the game! Will buy more in the future."
Halim Rahim, Malaysia

"Thank you very much for your quick reply and comments! I appreciate your good customer service."

Jaakko Koskentola, Finland

"Good customer service also!  I love companies that actually answer my e-mails, and in good, timely fashion!"
Leslie Baird, USA

me baje el demo de MacPool para ver de que se trata, me lleve una gran sorpresa al jugar mi primer partido, no dudé en comprar dicho juego por su interactividad, los colores, el sonido y el sistema que realmente es muy facil de jugar. Gracias por poner a nuestro alcance juegos como estos. A ver que mas inventan!!!"
Antonio Urdapilleta, Mexico

"After 8 uninterrupted hours of gameplay with a good friend now I'm totally sure: MacPool es pura diversión!!!"
Adrián Alvarado, Mexico

"I used to shoot pool a lot when in high school, college and as an adult. But now I suffer from a condition called multiple chemical sensitivities and I can no longer have the fun and enjoyment of going into a pool room. Your game allows me to recapture a past time I loved and enjoyed. Thanks."
Harry Valentine, USA

"Thank you again for your assistance and honesty. You have an excellent product and one very satisfied customer. I'm a 72 year old retired Mathematics professor from the University System of Georgia and really enjoy the geometry of the game."
Don Williams, USA

"I love MacPinball... One of the few things I missed about my PC."

Jeanette Garretty, USA

"MacPool is so much fun and so realistic it's hard to quit playing. I am not a game player and have refused to get into computer games, it just never appealed to me. In fact the first thing I did when I got my mac was delete the Chess game that comes standard. But this is surely going to stay. Thanks again very much !!!"
James Davis, USA

"In the vast world of online gaming, your creations are unique and in a class all their own. We LOVE your games!"

Karin Meidel, USA

I am using your MacPool game for several months. This game is absolutely great."
Oleg Panoff, France

"The new MacPool version is much better. Very good feeling."
Björn Barnekow, Germany

"Thanks folks!  And, keep making great games for some of us "older" folks.  I can't remember who I am in those RPGs.  ;)"
Zeek Duff, USA

"Thanks for your help. I'm addicted to your game!"
Jody Ahern, Canada

"Ich bin von Mac-Pool und der tollen Grafik begeistert, dass Spiel hat einen hohen Unterhaltungswert und hat mir schon viel Spaß gebracht und das zu einem fairen Preis. Ich freue mich schon auf den neuen Flipper."
Uwe Kehrbein, Germany

"I completely appreciate the frequent updates, sometimes I say "how wonderful!" sometimes I say "what the heck!", but always I think, here are people working to make a better, more attractive, more entertaining and satisfying product. Thank you."
Harry Bolles, USA

"Je vous remercie beaucoup de votre aide, je ne sais pas pourquoi j'aime beaucoup ce jeu."
Elisabeth Weissenbacher, Luxemburg

"I love MacPool, it's a lot of fun, especially since you added 8 Ball."
Joseph Bacon, USA

"I am a musician and rarely play games, but MacPool is a winner."
John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Keyboards, THE WHO

"MacPool is a good game. Very stress relieving. Good job."
Ari Brown, USA

"Ich spiele IhrSpiel Carambola sehr gerne. Wunderbare Simulation."

Wolfgang Roth, Germany

"Listen, you have a fantastic game. Really, really cool."
James Aldridge, United Kingdom

"WOW! Enhorabuena por esta nueva versión de MacPool 8.0. Ha sido un grata sorpresa que decidieras incluir el juego 8Ball en MacPool. Gracias!"
Rocio Aguilar, Spain

"MacPool is a remarkable compact and functional game. It runs on every CPU so you do not have to have the latest machine. The game plays well, UI is compact and clean, so everything is effective. I recommend the game for anyone who likes to play or learn to play Pool games."

Otto Romanowski, Finland

"Nicely designed game. Will buy it definitely. Great job you've done!"
Gregor Cvetko, Slovenia

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