“Thank you so very much. I have really missed playing this game. It helps to relax me before going to bed. Many many Thanks.”
Janie Sherrill, USA

“I just updated baKno solitaire and mahjong and I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the updates. A lot of the bugs that they had are gone now. I have them for mac and I bought them before the App Store was out. I wish that you guys could get some more positive reviews on the App Store because the games work pretty well. Thanks for the updates.”
Ben Bruso, USA

“I love this game. My parents passed away with Alzheimer's disease, and I play mahjong just to keep myself mentally alert. I know this is probably not the kind of feedback you want, but I am so thankful for this resource.”
Thea Leutwyler, USA

“Your email was exceedingly thoughtful. I am impressed. I will do whatever I can to rate your software positively. Be proud of your customer service.”
James Young, USA

“Excellent !! Good work !!! Superb customer focus !!! Bakno should be how all software companies run ! Well done !”
David Pollard, United Kingdom

“Your apps are really nice and good made”
Gregory Spicher, Switzerland

“I'm not a fan of bike games at all, but Motorbike has me enthralled. A superb realistic physics engine allows you to do all the tricks that a motocross biker would do around some fantastically designed courses. All with the simplicity of a few keys. I'm so glad I downloaded this game"
David Pollard, United Kingdom

“Your service is awesome to say the least. I don't have time for more games at present ("productivity" is up at work) but you are #1 on my list once I get to slow down, if that isn't a contradiction in terms. Many thanks from a devoted user and fan.”
Jeff Kraus, USA

“Billiards is terrific. It's really an amazing piece of software!”
Bjørn Nake, Denmark

“I'm 75 years old and always learning new things. When I was in the Army I had to learn to drive fast and off the road. Those skills help me with your Island Racer game as I found my self off the road.”
Richard Anderson, USA

“These games are awesome! Straight to the point and BS-clean. Frankly, I feel like wasting my time when other games start showing all sorts of characters, themes and fancy stories I don’t care about. They are just not my type. I am glad I found baKno!”
Jeanice Roberts, USA

“I am a disabled person, I can only use one switch with my foot. I use this switch with a on screen scanning keyboard which also allows me to operate the mouse arrow without touching the real mouse. Now the way BIlliards operates by placing the mouse on the white ball and then hold down the button works like a dream! Cheers”
Steve Knight, United Kingdom

“The music for your games is quite good. I think your games are worth the cost. The graphics are bright and colorful yet sophisticated. The Mahjong and Gems are just beautiful.”
Vera Karger, USA

“I do appreciate the various improvements over the time I have been playing MacPool. I can say the same for Pinball, the 2 games of your that find me sane.”
Ronald Dahl, USA

“Congratulations. Your Billiards game is a huge step for Mac pool gaming. As a MacPool game fan, I have been waiting for something like this for a very long time.”
Tom Lewis, Canada

“My game was published on Intel AppUp. Thanks for all the help and support!”
Cezar Wagenheimer, Brazil

“Thank you so very much for your reply and great customer service. My son and I played a couple of games of Chess and enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Romano Robusto, Canada

“I purchased Blast and I love it! I also love the music that came with it, my 5 year old loves it too.”
Ruth Mok, Singapore

“I would like to thank for your kindness and understanding in your fast response, and thoughtfulness in refunding my money.”
Linda Sargant, United Kingdom

“First of all congratulations for these simple but well designed games, beautiful graphics. I'm not a game fan, but searching games for my father I found yours and I decided to get some for me: Gems, MacPool, Solitaire and Xplorer.”
Cristina Sampaio, Portugal

“Thank you for fixing the Mahjong game. I enjoyed playing this afternoon. Thank you for a continuing, responsive and responsible company.”
Marianne Hauck, USA

“This game Blast is a lot of fun and would recommend it to others.”
Scott Zahlman, USA

“I was recently gifted the MahJong game, which I have been wanting for a while now. Take it from a guy who has played about 50 different types of mahjong games on several platforms, (Mac/PC, DS, Wii, PS3, iPhone) and your mahjong game is by far the best I have played so far. It is not gimmicky with power-ups and nonsense like that. It is just straight up mahjong and it is beautiful. So thank you for making a mahjong game I really, really enjoy playing.”
Richard Patrick, USA

“I am very impressed with the quality of the graphics and the display of MahJong HD for iPad. I am also impressed with how you resolved my complaint and turned a disgruntled customer into a very satisfied customer. This speaks well of how your organization do business. You have made me into a repeat customer”
Harry Jennings, USA

“I just wanted to thank you for your AppAble wrapper. With the help of your wrapper I have won the Best App to Replace Pen and Paper at the Intel Atom Developer Challenge”
Fraser Hay, United Kingdom

“Many thanks again. baKno client service is 5 stars!!”
Octávio Paulo, Portugal

“This is the second time you folks have helped me out when you really didn't have to. After what I have been through the past week, this is very refreshing in a software company. I wish you much success.”
Jack Swindell, USA

“Thanks for quickly assistance. Fantastic game and fantastic support.”
Gian Franco Freguglia, Italy

“Thanks for your patience, you’ve provided super service and helped me solve the problem. By the way, I love this game, very realistic and I know from practice as I've logged hundreds of hours playing Carambola on a real table as a kid.”
Minh Truong, Canada

“I was having some difficulty with Mac Pool and baKno support was both helpful as well as very patient. If something didn't work, he suggested something else. He went out of his way to make several suggestions, and take his time to trade e-mails back and forth in an effort to solve the problem. He wanted to be sure that the game worked as it should.”
Larry Williams, USA

“I'd like to congratulate you on such a magnificent game. MahJong is very impressive and far superior to anything else we've seen in that genre and my wife is thoroughly enjoying it.”
Brian Compton, USA

“I love MahJong. The graphics and music are beautiful. Each game is a piece of art that is able to stand alone in its beauty!”
Elizabeth B. USA

“I recently purchased your game Island Racer for casual use on my MacBook Pro. I'm no serious gamer, as a matter of fact this is the only game I own. I just thought it would be fun for when the kids are around.”
Bill Willins, USA

“I am a quadriplegic after a stroke. I was a better than average pool player. This new version of Billiards is fantastic. The cushion reaction is very realistic, and the ball reaction is very real. It is giving me hours of enjoyment.”
Jerry Stukey, USA

“Thanks! I do have to say that Solitaire has the nicest set of cards around, love the medieval ones. I also like MacJong, great graphics on the tiles and nice music.”
Carrie Steyer, USA

“I really do like Solitaire. Very good and fun to play.”
Gayle Teague, USA

“I love this game it is really fun. Island Racer is the best game ever.”
Steven Etter, USA

“Island Racer is a terrific game for all players. Exciting graphics, challenging race courses, and fun galore. I recommend it to everyone who loves race car games.”
Gerry Nemeth, USA

“I love Solitaire, the music is soothing and I love playing with the cards when I win a game. It was a nice surprise!”
Janice Stark, USA

“Love MacJong! At 75 years it helps keep my mind sharp. Only play insane, others no longer a challenge.”
John Yorty, USA

“I have been searching for a good solitaire game since I switched from PC to Mac. Yours is just about the best I have found.”
Dave Trussell, USA

“Solitaire c’est un jeu agréable et bien réalisé. Une information en français aurait été utile; mais l'ensemble est de qualité.”
Jean-Yves Delort, France

"I want to compliment you on Island Racer. What a great game! It's great to see that programmers outside of a big gaming company can come up with a really fun racing game with a good physics engine to boot. Keep up the good work!"
Alex Oster, USA

"Island Racer syns jeg er helt genialt. Det går til og med an å kjøre under vann. Jeg anbefaler dette spillet."
Jørund Tilley, Norwey

"After trying the demo version of Island Racer with my 6 year old son, I realized that we are equally amused playing the game together, each taking a turn. I bought the game and now we can spend plenty of time having fun. The best part of this game is that the car can go off track, climbing hills, dashing through forests, sliding sand dunes, and crossing bridges. The best part, when the car falls into a lake and you have to drive it up from the bottom of the lake to be on the road again. I have tried plenty of games that focus on race cars. By all standards this is the best. Many thanks for the customer support system. They mean business."
Khaled Asfour, Egypt

"Bravo for MacPool! It's screen is cleanly and colorfully organized and the ability to put variable english on my shots and choose the power of my stroke allows me to not only enjoy my game, but develop it. baKno rules! "
Verne Varona, USA

"I have never seen a better visual set up ever. Really it's top notch. Billiards is really too cool for words."
Quin Trilian, USA

"Congratulations on a stunning MacJong game."
Derek Griffiths, United Kingdom

“MacJong’s graphic arts are really superb, and this game is very restful for me.”
Alain Pechmajou, France

“I'm enjoying Gems. Very relaxing! Thanks again for your help!”
Beth VanKirk, USA

50 more...