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Test your knowledge of real-world physics by predicting your shot in this realistic simulation of the classic 3-Balls Billiards game. Use one ball to hit the other two in a single shot to score a Carambola. The player who accumulates the most Carambolas wins.

This easy-to-learn game can be played solo or online against friends, family, gamers from around the world or our Artificially Intelligent player. Defeat the AI Player and try to enter the
Hall of Fame with your largest sequence. Beginners, take a look at these sample video clips showing a few typical carambolas.
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Carambola 10.5

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"Carambola is the perfect French billiard game I've been looking for. The game is very well designed, with play and simulation being very realistic. Technical support of baKno staff is also superb; very prompt, responsive and friendly. Keep up the great work!" Mahmoud Khattab, United Arab Emirates

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