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At baKno we are proud to be recognized by Intel as a member of the Intel® Software Innovator Program. Together, Intel Android and Intel® Perceptual Computing/RealSenseTM technology have the power to reshape our world.

Motorbike for Oculus Review by UploadVR


Motorbike could be the first ‘Angry Birds’ of VR

“Ever since I got my DK2 I have been voraciously devouring as many demos as I possibly can (although I am limited at the moment by my older MacBook) and have loved every second of it. But there is one game that has pulled me back slightly more than the rest so far, if only because its so easy to pick up and play for ten minutes; and that game is MotorBike”

Motorbike for Oculus Rift

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.20.15 PM

After receiving our Development Kit a few weeks ago, we thought that Motorbike would generate great immersive experiences for the Rift head-mounted display.

At the beginning we placed the virtual camera on the riders head, but it turned out that all those sudden moves and accelerations induce disorientation and dizziness. Then we experimented with other ways to control the camera without good results, until we figured out a nice solution by miniaturizing the world and slowly translating the camera only on X and Y axes.

The result is wonderful. When playing with the Rift, you can rotate your head to check the world around you, and you can move closer of far away from the action in real time. In a few words, you feel that you are inside the game.

The guys at Rift Arcade posted a play session on
YouTube. We just wish it would be another way to present the experience.

Motorbike 7.2.0 Released

What’s New in this Version
- Movie export with video and audio
- Movie export works on Linux now
- Online ratings with number of ratings
- Improved camera control
- Minor bug fixes


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Kink generates random looped curves for you to trace over. You can start tracing from any portion of the curve. A black spot appears at the opposite portion and starts to follow the curve in the same direction you took. Avoid touching this dot or you will get kinked. If traced correctly a new curve is created with an increased level of difficulty.