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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have paid already. Where is my Key Code?

    After your payment is authorized by PayPal, an automatic email is sent to your email address registered at PayPal at the time of your purchase. This email comes from "info@bakno.com" and includes your credentials to unlock the game, but sometimes it is filtered as Spam either by servers or client applications. Please check on your email program’s Spam folder first, then on your email server Spam folder, if you don't find it there, send us an email by filling in the contact form and we will email it to you again.

  • How do I unlock my purchased game?

    You should have received an email from us with your credentials and instructions to unlock the game; just manually copy and paste your credentials into the game. To Copy and Paste please run the game, click the "About" tab and use your keyboard keys Ctrl-C (Command-C on Mac) to Copy and Ctrl-V (Command-V on Mac) to paste. See an example in our unlocking instructions page.

  • After entering my email and key code the game says that my credentials are incorrect. What should I do?

    Email and Key Code fields are case-sensitive. Therefore we recommend copying and pasting your credentials from the email you received instead of typing them. Use your keyboard keys Ctrl-C (Command-C on Mac) to Copy and Ctrl-V (Command-V on Mac) to paste. See an example in our unlocking instructions page.

  • Is there an option to play full-screen or change the window resolution?

    Yes, use the fullscreen button located on top of your window game, or Press Ctrl-F (Command-F on Mac, no shortcut for Linux) to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode. However, because activating fullscreen mode decreases image quality, we recommend to resize the window to a size similar to your screen first by dragging the lower right corner, and then go fullscreen.

  • I purchased my game a long time ago, do I need to purchase it again to have the newest version?

    No. We provide free updates to all our games. Some of our games include a fast auto-update feature. Each time you run your game, if a newer version is available, it will download the code changes and install them into the same game you already have. The rest of our games will show you a button to directly download the new version.

  • I purchased my game from an application store, where is my key code?

    Only direct purchases from our website receive a key code. After you make your payment on the application store, the game is automatically downloaded. This downloaded game will run without limitations, it does not need to be unlocked.

  • Can I install the game on a second computer?

    No. One license is needed per computer. But if you ever repair or replace your computer, please send us an email and we will reset your registration.

  • I have changed my computer. Do I need to purchase the game again?

    No, there is no need to purchase the game again. Just send us an email and we will reset your registration.

  • Why do I have to pay for these games?

    You can try any of our games for free, and you may choose to purchase the game you want to continue playing without interruptions. Your payment supports our development work. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to develop more functionalities and bug fixes so you can enjoy the very best games.

  • How do I play Online?

    Once your computer or mobile device is connected to internet:

    Go to the Settings Tab.
    Select the "Online Mode" option.
    Write in your Username and Password.
    Click the "Login" button and you will se a list of players connected.
    Click on the player you want to invite and click the "Invite" button.
    Instead of inviting you can wait to get invited and accept the invitation.

    The online game starts automatically after the invited player accepts the invitation
    Note: Not all baKno games support online gaming. To make sure, please check the game description or download the free trial version.

  • How do I quit this game?

    You normally quit an application by clicking the Close button located on top of the game window.

  • How do I uninstall the game I just downloaded?

    Our application games are very simple to download and run, and they are 100% non-intrusive to your system and information. There is no such thing as installer or uninstaller. Just click to download, double-click to run, drag to the trash to delete.

  • My mobile game is unresponsive, how can I fix it?

    The problem must be memory. Please try quitting other running apps that may be consuming memory. On iOS devices, double tap the home button to bring up the list of current running apps. Slide all apps away from the list until there are no more running apps. On Android devices, navigate to the Apps tab in settings - sometimes called Application Manager. Select the Running tab to see what’s still running and quit each running one by one.

  • My question is not in this list

    Please visit our forum first. If the answer is not there already, please take a minute to register and post your question. We will answer as quickly as possible. If you prefer not to register or share your question, you can send us an email by filling in the contact form. We will respond to you quickly, but this option takes a bit more time than the forum.

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