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Tico 5.1

Challenge your finger-eye coordination in this captivating game as unique shapes of colored blocks descend from the top. Your objective is to prevent the stacked blocks from reaching the top by skillfully arranging them to form complete rows at the bottom. When a row is completely filled, it disappears, granting you valuable points and creating space for more block arrangements.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience that demands quick thinking and agility as the game progressively increases in speed. Test your skills against players from all over the world by posting your score on baKno's Top Players list. Only the most adept players will rise to the top, showcasing their mastery of this addictive block-dropping challenge. Get ready to put your coordination to the test and embark on a thrilling journey to achieve the highest score possible.

Download and Play


    Download Tico for free from our website and enjoy endless gaming fun. Unlock unlimited gameplay by purchasing the full version either within the game itself or on this webpage below. Tico is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


    Get Tico on your mobile device by downloading it for free from various application stores. Simply choose your preferred store, install Tico, and start enjoying the fun. If you're hooked, you can unlock unlimited gaming by purchasing within the game.


    Tico for desktop can be found on application stores as well, offering different download options. Some stores provide a free download, while others may require an upfront purchase. Explore your preferred store to access Tico and start playing today.

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When you try Tico, you are able to test all functionalities and start countless new sessions, but you are prevented from finishing a session. To be able to finish a Tico session you have 3 options. License is the regular way to own a game permanently. Tokens are pay-per-play mode in which each match has a 10-cent value. And a Subscription unlocks all baKno games during one month.

Compare your Scores

Tico's top score medal
    Player Score
1.   ERDOGAN 11111124,385
2.   ALMIR 222289,065
3.   Gaston85,265
4.   godlovesme82,395
5.   Beetje76,315
6.   SUPERBEE74,415
7.   Lucho65,000
8.   KANUN59,070
9.   AZT58,345
10.   HI MOM-JAMES55,555
11.   Biaggio54,310
12.   Tony51,800
13.   FABIO50,535
14.   ERDOGAN 25 01 48,000
15.   FABIO 7431047,125
16.   ALMIR 545,775
17.   jaa45,110
18.   Cornelis44,525
19.   MacMan43,545
20.    Cornelis42,350
21.   Kevin41,750
22.   m38,850
23.   aa36,985
24.   REGINA36,440
25.   HI MOM-JAMES34,710
26.   DEBAR1234,430
27.   Dave W33,900
28.   BEEGAS33,860
29.   Bee32,540
30.   ma32,040
31.   kjh556431,625
32.   ERDOGAN DEBAR30,650
33.   RGA29,610
34.   ALMIR 328,875
35.   PT10928,435
36.   Gavy28,340
37.   Cam28,020
38.   nicoled27,260
39.   Finn26,990
40.   ALMIR 126,625
41.    AND D SOUZA26,345
42.   Boblin21226,130
43.   P0Y-ZIEN26,010
44.   POY-ZIEN25,685
45.   sophieeeeeeee25,505
46.   LAURIE25,485
47.   AK25,200
48.   Julian M25,050
49.   denise***25,050
50.   ERDOOOOOOOO24,910
51.   Wimpkey24,670
52.   Jules24,610
53.   SERGEY P24,460
54.   BREND0UIETTE24,445
55.   SAUVERNY24,405
56.   HI MOM - JAMES23,990
57.   KANUN-POYZIAN23,895
58.   YUBIESK123,620
59.   unapy23,540
60.   ÐœÐµÑ€Ð·Ð»Ð¸ÐºÐ22,945
61.   YUBIESK722,915
62.   dawei_bao22,750
63.   Your Namem2235522,355
64.   denise denise!!22,200
65.   AATJE22,145
66.   Heidi22,145
67.   TANIA22,135
68.   BRENDASS22,115
69.   YUBIESK22,085
70.   AB22,040
71.   yay denise21,940
72.   Your Nameeddy21,880
73.   sshhh21,635
74.   ERDOGAAN 1721,465
75.   ERDOGGAN 1621,195
76.   JMZ21,020
77.   pacal20,875
78.   SUPERBRENDA20,770
79.   denise$$$20,690
80.   Ralph20,690
81.   L.H.S20,660
82.   AGRA20,610
83.   Your Namem2042020,420
84.   ERRDOGAN 1220,270
85.   Julian20,180
86.   Annabeth20,025
87.   SUPERBRENBA19,920
88.   anna19,725
89.   Beeeeeeeetje19,545
90.   BRENDOUILLE19,515
91.   YUBIESK-7919,455
92.   AN DE SOUZA19,330
93.   HI MOM -JAMES19,285
94.   geogeo19,275
95.   AATEJE19,165
96.   Beeje19,150
97.   POY-ZEIN19,125
98.   ERDOGANN 1419,110
99.   YUBIESK319,050
100.   Jess18,995

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