|bä-kä-nō| Adjective
Thesaurus: cool, stylish, chic, up-to-the-minute, sophisticated; informal
trendy, funky, with it, hip, big, happening, groovy, phat, kicky, fly.

In 1990, a variation of what we consider the simplest, yet most addictive game ever (Tetris) was originally programmed for DOS. The game was then redesigned for the Newton MessagePad in 1994, and again for MacOS Classic in 1998. If you are able to run any of these antiques, just download by clicking the operative system logo below.
baKno is a game development studio based in Key Biscayne, FL. We are a group of video game enthusiasts committed to create engaging gaming experiences. We began publishing actively as baKno in 2006 and today, customers in more than 90 countries enjoy our games on a daily basis.

baKno develops casual games for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Our game titles are provided from our website and popular application stores. We are proud to offer entertaining, top-quality games with the following characteristics:

• Playable by all ages on most computers and mobile devices
• Intuitive interface with online gaming made easy
• Challenging, educative and entertaining
• Superior graphic and sound quality
• Secure, installer-less applications

baKno is an Apple Registered Developer and also an Intel Software Partner. We strive to provide exceptional customer service by listening to our customers and reacting diligently.


baKno’s history in computer games dates back to the 80’s, as shown by this rescued sample code. The story: in 1986, Xerox copies were the only way to distribute high-school budget code for Casio calculators. This is a partial image of a double sided paper containing a total of 52 lines of code, which the user was supposed to type into his or her calculator to play the game. Click on the image to download a PDF document.


baKno wishes to thank the following people for their valuable contribution:

• Adrián Alvarado for creating beautiful artwork for our website and games
• Edward Melendez for composing great music scores for our games
• Raoul ter Berg for the code that creates those sleek tracks on Insland Racer
• Iteration LLC for the excellent Keno Pool concept and production assistance
• Julian Costas from Fearnot Music for creating our music logo
• Marcel Halaby for his advice in programming techniques
• Nicolas Villarreal for modeling our MacPinball tables
• Ricardo Martinez for his advanced web-programing services
• Nestor & Diana Clopatofsky for their graphic design concepts
• VOS from for his great background music
• Vavrek from, also for some good background music
• Patrick, aka Lafayette, for some of his vast collection of music
• Jerome, aka Archie7777, for letting us use portions of his music creations
• Neil, aka Doddler73, for allowing us to play some of his songs within our games

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