Unlocking your Game
Using Unlocker

Follow these easy steps to unlock your game by using the Unlocker utility:

Step 1: Download Unlocker
From the Unlocker page download the Unlocker utility and double click to run it once.

Step 2: Click to Unlock
  1. On the email you received, look for the long unlocking link.
  2. Click on that link and Unlocker will run automatically showing the unlocking information.

Step 3: You are done!
Confirm by pressing the “Unlock” button, and Unlocker will automatically unlock your game.

Unlocking your Game
Copy and Paste

Follow these steps to unlock your game by Copying and Pasting your credentials:

Step 1: Click on the "About" tab
The "About" tab is located in the upper right corner of your game window.

Step 2: Enter your credentials
  1. From the email you received, select and copy your email address. You can use your keyboard by pressing Command-C (Ctrl-C on Windows). Then go to the game and paste it on the upper field by pressing Command-V on your keyboard (Ctrl-V on Windows).
  2. Repeat this process to transfer the key code received on the same email, pasting it on the lower field.
  3. Click on the "Unlock" button that appears automatically. Or place the cursor over the Key Code field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 3: You are done!
Email and Key Code fields dissapear and the baKno logo is shown instead with a "Thank you" message.