Florida based independent developer ‘baKno Games’ is proud to announce the release of Motorbike HD (v5.0), a casual bike skills game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a customized bike performing incredible stunts and bone-crushing maneuvers. Are you daring and brave enough to complete a course full of obstacles that need to be avoided in order to reach the finish line?

Motorbike on iOS is packed with features and was developed to provide the ultimate gaming experience with unlimited hours of enjoyment: featuring incredible realistic physics and immersive sounds and effects, this highly addicting game comes with 80 original tracks (2000 online tracks!), and an enormous amount of obstacles such as Treadmill, Tesla Coil, Curved Explosive Bar, Paralyzing Gas, and many more! With the highly intuitive built-in track editor, you are free to design and lay out your very own course where only your imagination is the limit! Tracks can be shared with other players worldwide and Motorbike offers 3 unique landscapes for the tracks, male and female riders, 4 fully customizable outfits, 2 gas-guzzling bikes and adjustable camera angles! Bragging rights can be achieved by track replay or by posting your achievements on Facebook and Twitter!

With its unrestricted obstacle combinations, high definition 3D graphics, real physics dynamics and intuitive controls, Motorbike is for the daring (and reckless) riders seeking the ultimate thrill-ride and adrenaline boost!

Compatible with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and the Apple iPad®, Motorbike is also available as a FREE (Lite) version on the App Store, in addition to being available as a PC- and MAC-download. Motorbike has quickly gained a large following of fans and ranked up impressive feedback from not only hardcore fans of the genre, but casual players as well!