Key Biscayne, Florida - baKno today is pleased to announce IntelAble 2.0 solution, an update to their highly successful universal library for Intel Atom SDK. Intel's own SDK is exclusively for C and C++ programmers who use particular versions of Microsoft's Visual Studio. IntelAble 2.0 adds support for: Adobe Flash (with Zinc), Java (any desktop IDE for Windows or Linux), Unity Pro, Runtime Revolution, C Plus Plus (for any Windows compiler like MingW, VC++ or Borland C++), and C Sharp (for any Windows compiler like MonoDevelop or Visual Studio). Now developers in any IDE can create apps for Intel's new AppUp Center.

Apple's App Store introduced a new distribution model for mobile apps, creating a single online store where developers could showcase their applications to millions of users. Because this model has proven so successful, many other mobile platforms such as, Microsoft, Google, RIM, and Palm have all adopted it. Intel opened its own online store earlier this year with their AppUp Center (Beta) for Windows.

The AppUp Center is a new method for marketing apps for Atom-based systems, including netbooks, slates, and tablets. With a wide variety of applications, easily available through a user-friendly app store, the AppUp Center serves to bridge the netbook user experience between smartphones and notebooks.

For small and medium sized developers this is a great opportunity. If they have a Windows application already developed, the risk associated with the few steps necessary to convert it for the AppUp Center is offset by the millions of potential customers reached, and the healthy 70% revenue share offered by Intel. The first step is to register in the Atom Developer Program, become familiar with it, and download the Software Development Kit.

Feature Highlights:
* IntelAble 2.0 - Atom-compatible library for alternative IDEs
* Free trial download includes sample project
* Convert a Windows app to communicate with the Atom AppUp Center
* Join the App Store revolution by selling apps on the new Intel AppUp Center
* Additional Atom-compatible libraries under development

For developers working in Flash, Java, or other development environments not supported by Intel's SDK, IntelAble is the solution. Now it's possible to convert already developed Windows applications for devices running the Atom processor. The following IntelAble 2.0 versions are available now, and sold separately: Unity Pro, Runtime Revolution, Adobe Flash, Java, C++ and C#.

"Apple is responsible for creating the App Store revolution," stated baKno President Andres Martinez. "Now that the Windows community is catching up, it is important that no mobile app be excluded because it was developed in Flash, Java, or some other environment not supported by the Intel Atom SDK. IntelAble 2.0 can enable developers working in nearly all development environments."

Andres discussed the genesis of IntelAble, "At baKno we created this solution supported by Intel's engineering, and initially it was developed just for our own applications. We submitted 8 games to the store and all 8 have been accepted already. Obviously we are betting on the success of this store. And we want to ease the way to any other developer who wants to take the same bet."