Intel® Software Innovator Program

19/12/14 15:57

At baKno we are proud to be recognized by Intel as a member of the Intel® Software Innovator Program. Together, Intel Android and Intel® Perceptual Computing/RealSenseTM technology have the power to reshape our world.

Motorbike for Oculus Review by UploadVR

05/12/14 13:33

Motorbike could be the first ‘Angry Birds’ of VR

“Ever since I got my DK2 I have been voraciously devouring as many demos as I possibly can (although I am limited at the moment by my older MacBook) and have loved every second of it. But there is one game that has pulled me back slightly more than the rest so far, if only because its so easy to pick up and play for ten minutes; and that game is MotorBike”

Motorbike for Oculus Rift

01/12/14 13:15

Motorbike 7.2.0 Released

28/10/14 23:15

What’s New in this Version


30/08/14 12:37

Kink Logo Small

Kink generates random looped curves for you to trace over. You can start tracing from any portion of the curve. A black spot appears at the opposite portion and starts to follow the curve in the same direction you took. Avoid touching this dot or you will get kinked. If traced correctly a new curve is created with an increased level of difficulty.

NEW GAME - Backgammon

11/07/14 17:41


The classic board game of all times, with gorgeous graphics, computer opponent, and intuitive interface.

Backgammon is a game of luck and strategy. Beautiful handcrafted board and pieces are showcased in a 3D view with rotation and zoom.

With Backgammon you can test your playing skills against the computer, or against friends or family on the same device.

Motorbike heading to Steam

07/05/14 15:18


Motorbike released on the Amazon Fire TV

22/04/14 13:51

A few months ago Amazon invited baKno to port Motorbike for the coming product. We received a development box along with the controller, and easy to follow instructions on how to configure, load and test our game code. In a few weeks we ported the game which is basically the console version running on a powerful Android device.

Motorbike is available on the Amazon Fire TV since day one. It runs smoothly at 1080p and requires the Amazon Fire Game Controller.

Domino 12.0.0 Released

18/04/14 19:08

What’s New in this Version

Motorbike for PS3 Review by GamingWay

24/02/14 11:50


La physique de la moto n’est pas en reste, celle-ci étant de haute-qualité et c’est bien sûr grâce à cela que l’on plonge avec plaisir dans le jeu, à peine fut-il lancé. On ne se sent jamais lésé par le gameplay, par cette physique, on sait que si l’on rate c’est forcément de notre faute. Et l’on peut vous garantir que l’on s’en veut souvent. Même si le logiciel reste accessible, avec certaines pistes faciles et d’autres qu’il faudra étudier quelques fois, on en découvrira des ultra relevées, qui feront s’arracher les cheveux de bien des gamers. Mais ce côté die and retry fonctionne très bien, car l’on retente encore et encore, en se disant » Là il faut que j’accélère, là je dois me diriger ainsi, rah j’y étais presque… « . Les développeurs savent aussi bien jouer sur cette corde, que sur nos nerfs avec certains parcours abracadabrantesques.

Motorbike 7.0.0 Released

29/01/14 19:08

What’s New in this Version

Skript 2.1.0 Released

28/01/14 19:05

What’s New in this Version

Yatzy 1.1.0 Released

28/01/14 12:34

What’s New in this Version

Tico 4.1.0 Released

28/01/14 11:25

What’s New in this Version

SpacePig 5.1.0 Released

27/01/14 18:33

What’s New in this Version

Xplorer 2.1.0 Released

27/01/14 13:40

PunkTrader 1.3.0 Released

27/01/14 12:51

What’s New in this Version

NEW GAME - Rasty Pelican

24/01/14 19:13

Pinball 9.1.0 Released

21/01/14 16:08

What’s New in this Version

Neven 2.1.0 Released

21/01/14 14:52

MacPool 11.1.0 Released

16/01/14 18:34

What’s New in this Version

Kasino 3.1.0 Released

16/01/14 16:58

What’s New in this Version

Kubix 3.1.0 Released

16/01/14 10:37

What’s New in this Version

Island Racer 3.1.0 Released

15/01/14 21:42

What’s New in this Version

Gems 7.1.0 Released

15/01/14 10:18

What’s New in this Version

Domino 11.1.0 Released

15/01/14 07:56

What’s New in this Version

Crazy Toad 2.1 Released

14/01/14 13:46

What’s New in this Version

Color Sudoku 11.1.0 Released

13/01/14 15:05

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Chess 4.1.0 Released

13/01/14 14:08

Blast 3.1.0 Released

10/01/14 13:35

What’s New in this Version

Billiards 8.1.0 Released

10/01/14 09:47

MahJong 5.1.0 Released

09/01/14 20:26

What’s New in this Version

Solitaire 3.1.0 Released

08/01/14 18:11